Monday, 8 June 2009

no 62

I don't have a title for this post bit gay i know!

Anyway Kelly is home, so good having her back picked her up from the airport but i got there super early which annoyed me and rinsed my wallet thanks to the expensivo car park! Terminal 5 is such an epic building, the worlds biggest free standing structure or something i can't be arsed to google for facts but yer its pretty dang big! Made me want to go away badly but all the silly Americans that were walking around with there utility belts with there mobiles attached made me chuckle. Standing at the arrivals section of an international airport like Heathrow you really do see some starkly different people from all over the place didn't see anyone famous not that i would of really cared anyway!

So yer one more night of uni work and i'll be pretty much done. Money is non-existent which will probably force me to work a fair bit over summer which will be a right blast.

This post has started a bit shit and hasn't really got much better i do apologize.

Enter Shikari's new album isn't really that good to be fair i expected something a bit better or maybe just a bit different! First three tracks arn't bad in my opinion but all the dubstep stuff with lyrics over is way off the mark. I did find that even how some of it didn't really do it for me i still kind of enjoyed it whilst racing a Saab on the M4 this morning, however that might have just been the fact that i enjoyed driving and the lack of time i had to get to uni. Verdict from me is that i can listen to it, my taste in music isn't the most refined and is a bit up and down and a bit off the mark to be fair so my word probably means as much as Gordon Brown or David Cameron or any other current politician who can chat air.

I feel i need a picture but i don't have one i am sorry!

Quick anecdote - If you know my flatmate the one who i think is an outright prick you will know how i don't get on with her i think i made that obvious early in this sentence and in other posts on this blog! Anyway to have a bit of a laugh i decided to write loads of little notes (as this is what she loves doing so much) and sliding them under her door! The content of these notes was pretty standard for me included bad grammer bad handwriting and a fair few swear words for effect, they were however not worse than anything she has ever address to me. Anyway i didn't think much would come of it maybe a note in return or something fag like that but yer i arrived back to the flat today to find that she has taken everything that belongs to her from the kitchen and put it in her room. Everything from bread to her spoons to the gay little chicken type things with faces on that got graffittied on on the night of my birthday. I think this is a bit extreme i didn't mean anything by the notes and seeing as i have never written one to her i thought i'd write 6 or 7 at once. Anyway i'm moving out soon and so is she so i won't have to even think about all this silly stuff. If you read this then you get 5 Alex Knowles points and they cannot be exchanged for money cabbio. Sorry that wasn't very quick i find it hard to write stories if i had of just said it to you i would of spoken really really fast so you would still be processing the information now and asking me to repeat myself about .......................................................................................................(this is a pause if you can't guess) .......................... now.

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