Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Study session

We had one last night. We consisting of Mr nauseup Mr newly joined indie biker currently going through bike issues and yours truely so yer it was Alex, James and me incase i really didn't make that too clear. We had a deadline, none of us had done any work and seeing as i am the only one of the three muskateers without a wacbook pro they both had to come to my room haha!

Beers were had and drank slowly by me as per, James just talked about cheese and had a go at me and Knowles for constantly getting distracted by the joy that is the internet and Knowles just drew funny drawings and took the piss out of how i can't drink beer at a respectable speed. On the flip side i did way way more work than i would have done on my own as i am supposed to be doing some now and i've decided to update the blog just goes to show how incapable i am of completing work when i should! Anyway this isn't just a long winded written post there are pictures as well. After i hand this work in tomorrow morning i'm getting wasted and waiting for Buddery's arrival before i have work at the weekend!

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