Monday, 1 June 2009

Enter Shikari

Are a band that i can honestly say as some of you may know i used to love to bits! I think i have seen them about seven times every show was memorable from the ones where my good friends Robert and Jamie were punching people in the back of the heads / clapping in the air whilst elbowing people (sounds well cuntish but truely every person on the receiving end had it coming) to a show at Guildford's backline which a certain Arron Chatson Pucci put on if you can imagine that haha, to Reading festival and about 20 human pyramids that sprung up all over the place!

I liked them way back when but then so did a lot of other kids and what seemed to be an increasing number of little gromy, annoying littl'uns and i went off them a bit! I still have a lot of respect for them as they are doing it on there own as Zane Lowe seems to insist on informing everyone that listens to his annoying voice! Anyway there new album Common Dreads is out on June 15th i reckon it will be a corker i am developing a love for Juggernauts already and Antwerpen is a very lively tune as well with some very dancey influences thrown in which i enjoy a lot more these days. Pictures from the shows that they did in the States in 2007 look exactly like the hectic, overcrowded shows i remember loving so much. One of which is shown above, i wish bands did more smaller, intimate shows instead of the mad O2 academy sell outs where there are rules for everything that are enforced to a tee. Anyway check this video of them up on radio one's site hope you enjoy it!

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