Monday, 1 June 2009

another must see

Watched this last night, granted i wasn't exactly sober but i insist on watching it! It is a work of art, the visuals are so strong and eventually once whatever you have taken or drunk wears off it starts to make sense and come together in some shape or form! Basically you have to see it. The trailer gives you an inkling so at least you may have some idea what your settling down to watch unlike me when JJ, Tom and yours truly put it on at 3am this morning to fall asleep to, obviously we ended up getting really into it and all staying up well into the shit of the am!

I am now back in Bristol struggling to finish one of two projects by Thursday! I bopped home yesterday for the night to get the motor and say hello to a few greatly missed faces however it made me want to hit some pool and tennis action more than ever instead of the relentless never ending workload at hand.

My blog posts are getting a bit predictable these days, i guarantee the next one will make you spit your cup of tea, cornflakes out all over your liquid crystal displays or shity laptop / piece of shit pc! Right i'm off i need to shout at someone out of my window for annoying me with there music taste and i just bit those bits of skin off my finger, you know the ones that stick up around your finger nails sometimes if your a skanky lad like myself and its bleeding!

Kelly is almost home it is going to be an epic return to the motherland for her williams, may and clarke! They sound like they have been enjoying themselves and burning through cash like my flat-mates do toilet roll! Anyway here is the trailer for this film its well yer you'll get what i mean!

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