Wednesday, 17 June 2009

bootleg session v3

Received it the other day from the states! Its fixed riding but with an emphasis on tricks, now to be honest i feel that a lot of the stuff shouldn't be done on a fixed bike anyway and just looks fucking gay and why not do it on a bmx anyway? But some of the stuff is pretty legit and is a definite inspiration! I was a bit annoyed that all the footage of British riders like superted, and juliet was in the bonus sessions section and was easily better than some of the swagness the yanks were throwing down! The geezer from Singapore on the Bianchi pista concept kills at flatland and obviously must have ridden flatland bmx i liked his setup as well i must admit! Anyway as per usual with other fixed gear flicks of current the production values are non-existent and some of the filming is epicly shit but for some reason it doesn't bother me too much. Knowles on the other hand being the snoby camera whore he is laughed at it and we had a good chuckle about some shity fisheye that was used for some shots harharhar! Anyway we've decided that we can film something better if we learn to ride to a certain standard so watch this space for a legit bike film coming out of Bristol at some point next year! Oh yer if you want it just holla i'll sort you out!

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