Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I am finished, got my results back from my short film module named audio visual production if anyone gives one! Anyway im glad its over managed to get a 2:1 somehow which i was pleasantly surprised about! Now im trying to save money as im off to Spain on monday for two relaxing weeks which shall be a dream. I also just washed my bed sheets meaning im going to love my sleep tonight and the longest lay in of lay ins tomorrow!

In the mean time, knowles showed me this 'beat laboratory' not in the step brother sense but yer check it out! It is a lot of fun and good to have a mess about on if you have a second, i'm starting to build up some rather random bookmarked websites and this is definitely one of my favorites!

Here are a couple layout i messed around with, i like how you can be symmetrical or just have an all out mess either way the results are different and fresh every time! I hope i havn't stolen this from you knowles and i hope you haven't already blogged it!

The link is

check out the link to the blog after the jump as well!

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