Sunday, 21 June 2009

South Pacific

Produced by BBC Bristol, is one of my new found loves, the cinematography and camera work is breathe taking as if the information offered. I would even go as far to say that it is on a level with planet earth if not better! This episode is about the damage we are causing to the pacific mainly through over fishing! Less than 1% of the pacific ocean can be called any kid of marine reserve or sanctuary, in comparison mile after mile of land in countries we live in has been made into national parks, there is a definite issue here and some figures even go as far to say that at the rate we are fishing fish itself will be completely off the menu in as little as 50 years! Now i do love my tuna as you all know a bit of tuna and 20p more is one of my staple foods but i have decided i shall cutback of eating it just to save some for my later life and i will look out for tins that say sustainably fished or whatever it is perhaps y'all should do the same no? Watch this episode on iplayer - the boxset is now available too son!

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