Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Big night tonight

Football again, down the boozer with the lads again! Im rooting for an English win, i feel Chelsea were horribly done in the semi-final, I also think Daniel Alves is an angry cunt and if he starts tonight i expect he will get sent off. For me he is just one of those players i do not like at all, i would like to see his legs getting broken tonight if any of those United mugs are up to the task! Evra is going to have a hard time with Messi you can't ignore the threat he poses and he is the top scorer in the Champions League with 8 goals.

Rome is a beautiful city, with beautiful cars, food, clothes and women. Honest to God the food in Rome is the best in the world i shit you not, everything from the pasta to the ice cream is insane! Lets hope tonight's game is an epic one with a lot of injuries, head-butts and some crazy goals! I'm hungry now after ranting about all that munch i will let my feelings known after the game!

77,500 people will be watching tonight's game inside the stadium i wish i was there to watch Chelsea batter United but oh well Walkabout will be fun with my beer and burger and no doubt rammed with United fans. United fans are like rats your never more than 3 meters from one of the cunts.

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