Saturday, 16 May 2009

facebook is

To all the homeboys bloggers and blogets you know what i mean when i say that you find something / read it somewhere else / make it up and just feel that you have to blog it immediately well this is it, hope that made sense..... anyway

Facebook as in the social networking tool / alternate life we create for ourselves through our computers and the God that is the internet is much used by one and all, i have just discovered that yes it is serious and all, but they have had a bit of a laugh! If you change the language in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select pirate english all the buttons and links change hah its quite funny and you can change it back if your a doucher! I have some screenshots if one doesn't believe me!

This weekend has been good a good party went down last night shame it was hectic and i was boring by barely getting through the front door. Properly enjoyed seeing the lads and a couple of the girls its been a long time makes me want to go home more often which is pretty hard at the moment! Also got some good filming down at temple meads today for my end of year audio visual project hopefully it should look alrite but there have had to be some pretty major changes etc but i shan't bother y'all with the minors!

One last thing, aerospokes are sick photos will follow shortly, i lost my card reader so it making things a little gay for me getting pictures and such on tut mac but they will come soon enough! And kung fu kicks by James Callum sure are bone breakers but rest assured it won't hurt you quite as much as you think!

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