Thursday, 14 May 2009


Came into uni for a workshop on how to develop black and white film, but alas i am a week early, and i rinsed it here on the bike so im all sweaty and shit. Moreover ive lost a memory card and card reader the card was quite a good one as well and seeing as my days of working for Jessops are over i can't get another one cheap! I also just realised that i have missed quite a few workshops which means that Knowles has missed as many as me which then means that James has missed pretty much all of them haha! Big weekend this weekend for me got work friday night and then i'm filming my end of year audio visual production at 5am Saturday that is if i can get permission from the bus company who are to be honest messing me around a shit load on this! But i can look forward to the arrival of some homeboys and a certain white aerospoke thank you Chris for collecting it i shall sort you out something special probably just a few beers! I'm going to go and cycle to the local market and hit up some random nationalities food for a slap up breakfast! Jack i wish you and your fisheye well on your travels sorry i didn't get a chance to see you before you left man i would love to be coming with! I will get a picture of my wheel up asap but here is a similar one so you get the general.

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