Wednesday, 20 May 2009


As we all know is a dream, especially when someone you love is in new zealand or australia or thailand or singapore or L.A! i awoke this morning an had an hour long chat with kelly over skype it was great, i spent most of the time doing silly things like manginas and showing off various hats etc and i must admit i did play linerider for a bit! But yes she is off to figi soon and then shes back and shes mine which will be goooooood!

jack is leaving today for Tokyo, had a nice long chat with him over skype last night as i couldn't be there in person, i had no idea tokyo was so expensive i wish you luck jack keep blogging and set me your flikr so i can check you pictures out man! I love you and would like to join you like henry and scriv are doing obviously won't be the same without me!

I need a card reader i know i guess i should go and buy one today but i don't really want to i might get a firewire one to impress alex knowles! Here is a picture of kelly from this morning / her night! She is in Auckland which is apparently the worlds 4th largest city which has got to be pretty big i guess no?yes?

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