Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sick film

Watched this today, i rate it hard, and i wish to a varied extent that shit like this went down at my school!

Film is based on events that happened in Cali bro in 1967 when a History Teacher named Ron Jones undertook a social experiment in a bid to show his class of high school students how the German people were ignorant enough to adopted Hitler as a leader and all that came with him. He started a movement called 'The Third Wave' instead of just the Wave as the remake is called. By setting the film in Germany what with all the memories of the second world war it makes it very powerful and is a very interesting watch. It is in German and subtitled but that only becomes a problem if you try to watch it after a heavy night down the boozer with the lads innit mate. I send my love to you all, especially those who are jet-setting it around and are making much more interesting posts on there blogs! Kelly is home soon which i am super stoked about.

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