Sunday, 15 February 2009

right now

id love to sit round and talk to all my friends from back home, a bottle of wine and a fire would do me well but the reality is im in my room at uni with  a heater that doesnt work properly and no joke makes me ill! love you guys and to comment on cabbios comment last night that we ride around on so called 'indie bikes' i can see his point but as i said last night i prefer my bike to a bus as most normal people would so why ride around on a shiter you might as well get something that is tried and tested and works ( except my bike as its a shiter off ebay but thats an epic oversight and fail that i was expected to make)! anyway cabbio suck your mum, if they were that fucking indie and cool james would ride one wouldn't he so there haha!

on another note my ridiculously geeky/ weird flatmate who i am still fond of yer big fucking crack that sentence was! anyway he has returned home from essssiiiiiiixxxx, and i have to put up with his shity shit shit shit taste in music untill 5am evermorning as he has quite easily the worst sleeping patterns i have ever come accross! no fucking joke he showed me his authentic american GI vietnam army boots earlier as i was kicking my bike accross the kitchen to go along with his decommissioned rocket launcher etc haha you can imagine my face at this little show and tell session taking into account how annoyed i was that my bike was in pieces in my hands! i feel i should add a picture to this post so here the above picture is one what of my flatmates stuck to my fucking door! 

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