Wednesday, 18 February 2009


that isnt spelt right but bov, anyway my flatmate just made loads (claire this is you know the one) anyway she has a couple mates round and has made loads and upon walking into the kitchen expecting to get some the offer never arrived fucking cunt, then jack (the war geek flatmate) walks in and she gives that cunt some what is this i run this fucking flat who do these bitches think they are eh? anyway it wasn't as dramatic as i tried to make it seem there both just cunts and i treat them accordingly and i hope if any of you are lucky enough to meet them you do to (maybe not jack he's pretty safe but claire... ya know)

anyway had a house viewing with the boys today and hopefully by the weekend we will be able to say that we have a house its next to the river on a main road but bov, its for 7 of us meaning partytime will be had with Billy, Jonny, James, John, JJ, Nauser and myself but we will probably fuck up and not get our acts together and someone else will get the house as usual! 

so this weekend should be good as my bike should be back and im out trying to kill myself again, however i have work which blows and means that i can't get back home with bill and james as planned which is a bit of a bummout but i have been drawn in by Jack one of the guys in my building to help accommodate his 22year old sister and her friends which will be a right crack haha.

so uni has started well this week, been given our work for the rest of the year and we will be making a short film (3-4mins) which will be good fun, james knowles and myself may also be filming some catwalk thing but i don't know too much about this one. however this week at uni was a little strange as we were pretty much asked to go back to basics, and told to go out into the 'landscape' to an area that we felt drawn to and pinpoint the boundries and then return and describe our feelings and expieriences as well as sights. now im not going to fuck about this was the most art fag shit i've ever done and some people in mine and knowles' group loved it drawing stuff and such describing what they looked like but when me and knowles returned all that we had to show for it was some photos we took on our phones as we can't draw for fuck and we did nothing but bullshit! a standard affair and by flexing our fictional muscles breezed and slept on my part through the session lol! 

annnyyyway, im bored, need to find £490 for this house and as usual these days need a shower as i am still in yesterdays clothes but bovril love y'all x

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