Sunday, 15 February 2009

so today

was an average day, had an amazing roast in tolgas flat but tried to fit my new rear wheel but as always my old bike wouldn't let me

after cycling on higleys bike to buy a part off an online forumgoer which en route i fell off and hurt my self i tried to fit the wheel but as per usual i don't have all the parts and i need a lockring woo! 

anyway the wheel looks good on my bike anyway can't wait to get my front later this week and ive got some new bars lined up moreover ive also deceided what im going to do to my frame can't wait to get some pictures!

so yer just cleaned my room for no reason so its cleaner than usual which makes it look like a hotel hmm i may mess it up again it doesn't feel right, im off to watch the recorded milan derby let's see if beckham still has anything left in him! 

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