Wednesday, 28 January 2009


ive written a couple of shit ones recently sorry 

anyway im supposed to be writing one now, its a visual culture essay that me james and alex have had to do as well as every arty faggot at our uni. im not really complaining but i really am, see this is the first essay i have has to write whilst being at uni as thats the great and wonderful thing about our course its a practical one! anyway james as usual bashed it out no quarms within like half an hour or something, alex knowles didn't he took about well i don't know but quite a while and the whole time he did his i lied to him claiming to have started it etc when really i only cracked on with it this afternoon after fucking about thinking on how i could take it to a new intellectual high (it didn't work). 

so yer basically im supposed to be doing it now and well i was supposed to have done it like since i started uni with research and what not but i havnt i practically just finished it and ended up talking about Ansel Adams for some reason. Well my essay is on the impact that digital photography in particular has had on creative practice and how it has changed it and what not, not going to lie im not sean quail which alex knowles pointed out to me so i found it hard! 

i should be in bed because i have to finish the essay in the morning well like 100 words of it which is a breeze in theory. I pretty much did this because i read sam's blog a minute ago and his dedication (yes sam your dedication) to the task inspired me and i wanted to give you something to read as you said you wanted to or something! 

Anyway i look forward to the weekend, cross dressing, my best mates bar a couple and some lush partying to be had! I have attatched a picture of my shity essay to make this post look appealing to the unknowing of you who havn't realised that i just rant the whole time and you wont probably read this anyway so goodnight!

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