Tuesday, 27 January 2009

don't believe hype

So yet another day has gone and i havn't started this essay which is great news for me, looks like i will be working yet again until late tomorrow night seeing it off. I try to convince people as well as myself that i work well under pressure but sometimes i genuinely feel like i have a problem, call it a disability if you will it really gets to me and i have no idea why, i've just never been able to crack on with things and knuckle down! 

Anyway enough of that shit. Last night like most nights i watched a film in bed, its turned into some sort or routine now, i go through about one sometimes even two films a day and i like it its pretty weird bordering on sad actually i should probably get out in the fresh air a bit more. So yer back from that tangent i deceided to watch that danny boyle film 'slumdog millionaire' last night (my shity uni internet is currently fucking me off to a new level i'm probably in the same mood as james is with his troublesome printer haha) which stars Dev Patel the matey from skins. Anyway i fucking loved it and i recommend it to anyone who cares to read this honestly i've heard a few murmurs from parents and friends claiming it to be good and all that but as usual i thought it would be way off the mark as a lot of hyped up films usual are but go and fucking watch it or just lay in bed like me and watch it for free here ! Yes another rags to riches type story but this one is different, a lot more modern for sure especially being set in india which itself is rapidly changing and growing i don't know anyone who won't like this film.

Yer so this is a post that is just wasting a lot of my time and obviously a bit of your time but i don't really give a fuck about your time if we are going to be honest.

Another cracker of a film that literally well no shit it actually did make me cry ( yer so what?)was the new Brad Pitt film 'the curious case of benjamin button' as kelly knows i am raving about this film its the shit and i will admit that. Slightly weird storyline made up of a very weird life full of remarkable moments but yer it's a film to watch with the girlfriend or something. 

Anyway my curry is done pretty much, im bored again as no doubt you are and i also want a cig

/edit - I have just re-read this post a couple times and it seems manically hostile i am sorry about that i have a looming deadline i should'nt of posted in my current agitated state what with my bike being broken and all :( 

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