Tuesday, 10 February 2009

slack slack slack

ive been slack since last coming on here, theres been so much i could have blogged about and i havnt partly because i went home and had no real means of getting on here and partly because i worked loads on the weekend so just couldn't really find the time!

so yer had some serious sledging fun back home managed to hurt myself a little bit but enjoyed the icy remains of the snow that brought our country to a grinding halt for almost two days. moving on id have loved to have ridden my bike in the snow, however its broken for real this time its properly fucked and now im just waiting delivery of my new wheels like i have already been for 4 weeks because the bike shop i ordered them from only ordered them last week which was nice to find out i think the did the old trick of waiting untill they had enough orders and it was cost effective before giving brick lane a ring wankers!

i had an intermediate camera workshop yesterday which was balls and was exactly the same as the into one which fucked me off could have used my time for better things!

more recent news is us lads down here are going to be with scriven no more, it has greatly effected us all! no im joking lulz but yer would have been nice living with you christopher but not to worry we are now looking for a house for 6 which is prooving to be just as much fun as i just rang up some tennants of a house we like and they have foreign phone numbers which don't work for shit or i'm most likely doing something wrong but it is annoying me none the less! 

more news, im out of beer which sucks, james still isn't letting me play call of duty whenever i want to instead forcing us all to play nhl after his recent love affair with the sport which i suck dick at and get dominated every time i just like the fighting bit as you all could probably guess! and kelly is going traveling soon with ellie, nick and that wanker tom may which will be sad not having them and that little child around im sure we will miss them well i will! tom if you read this im only fucking around you wanker no seriously i am! and finally me knowles and our mate higley are apparently maybe supposed to be helping out with a bicycle film that will be submitted to this years bicycle film festival, however the deadline is march 7th and the forum that it is being organised through doesn't appear to show much sign of the ball rolling but anyway i will leave you with a trailer of other films that have been submitted so far! 

oh yer and bought la haine on dvd its fucking intense you all should watch it, but my copy is shit and skips over damaged sections apparently so i need to go and change it so don't borrow mine!

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