Thursday, 3 February 2011

UFC 126

Quite possibly one of the greatest ever UFC main event fight cards. This saturday is one night you don't want to be doing anything else! Even though it will be on at some ungodly hour for me i am sure as hell not sleeping for this one. Anderson Silva is arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world, with a record 7 title defences of his middleweight UFC belt as well as possessing a black belt in BJJ, Tae Kwon Do and Judo mean he usually dominates all opponents in any area of MMA. I personally love Anderson, when he fights but don't rate his fighting style, he isn't enough of a brawler for me and even though his accuracy is insanely high i have to admit i would love to see him get beat.

Vitor Belfort, a favourite of many and one credited with changing the way many fight is a fighter who possesses perhaps the most explosive power Anderson has ever faced. His standup is his greatest asset especially his devastating left straight meaning that for once Anderson may be outclassed on the feet. Vitor could make history on saturday if he wins against Anderson by becoming the first ever fighter within the UFC to have won three different belts within three different weights. This is an exciting prospect for many who first got their glimpse of Vitor many years ago when he exploded onto the scene at 19 destroying all the competition to win the UFC heavyweight tournament.

Anyway, these two don't consider each other friends so as well as there backgrounds it promises to quite literally be a 'BANGER!' Watch the teaser video below plus a favourite highlight of mine which shows Vitor destroying Wanderlei Silva within 45 seconds of the first round!

Countdown to UFC 126: Jones vs. Bader

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totally forgot to discuss the other fights on the card! just thought i would give a taste!

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