Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sherborne, Dorset

Is were i will be living in a months time, its 101 miles away and next to glasto and apparently close to the sea! Looks like i will be crashing at mates houses regularly over the coming summer! Im on the wackest of laptops and am missing my mac so i will be blogging rarely for the next weeks! Stoked on the dickeration job handed out to liverpool last night where was that famous liverpool atmosphere? also was stoked to see united have a shocker, fuck you james and sam you wankers and andy mac you little bitch!

messi was amazing last night if anyone caught the barca highlights i think they could go all the way with the football they were playing last night against a reasonably good bayern team! im currently watching some uefa cup football with shakhtar donetsk vs marseille with the Ukrainian team having a silly amount of talented young brazilians in there squad which is strange! If any of you car to look on a map and see where this team play then you would find it more strange but they seem to rinse most other Ukrainian sides!

finally i just want to say how badly i wish i was a getty images photographer if anyone cares to have a look just check out there site, imagine getting paid to take photos at top sporting events all over the world with the sickest equipment all free i rate that!

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