Saturday, 7 March 2009

this week has been mad!

Ive been so so so slack this week, havn't blog'd in a while hav't looked for a house for next year, havn't done any food shopping havn't done the smallest bit of uni work however what i have been doing is celebrating mine and a couple friends birthdays i don't care if i have been slack, i have had the sickest week!

All started with my birthday on tuesday, my god was it a funny night! Started off with some drinks at mine followed by bowling which we got thrown out of for standard dastardly shenanigans (i must add that thanks to friends buying me drinks and other shit i was absolutely fucking wasted at this point) and it was still early doors! The rest of the night is an amazing blur but what i can disclose to you over the internet is that after regrouping and refueling in a pub we hit a stripclub which was about the best laugh i've had in an age! No idea how we got in i was literally floating around but my kind friends ensured that i didn't throw money everywhere or die etc anyway after being bought a lapdance i bought myself one as you do and yer all i can say is that i was fucked they knew i was fucked and it was hilarious if you havn't had a proper lapdance before i suggest you do but perhaps try not to be as wasted as i was because i couldn't see too well haha!

Anyway my birthday was a dream i was stoked to see everyone shame some of y'all couldn't be there would of be amazing to see you all again can't wait to give you some good hugtime! The rest of the week has been pretty sick as well went out for Hattie's birthday on thursday with the you me at six boys and jj and again got absolutly wasted and ended up on there tourbus again was a funny night and i've taken some good memories home from it!

Away from birthdays for a second, and i went into work this morning in the foulest of moods, i felt like crying and shit even though i didn't cry too much haha i'm joking but anyway you know when you literally feel shit, you feel like you have been doing the wrong things etc and it starts to bug you well on the walk to work all i kept thinking about was how much i had rinsed it this week and how little attention i had paid to uni etc. Speaking to knowles on the phone only made this worse he informed me what i had missed etc and it didn't make me feel good so i went into work ironed me gay uniform refused to make the fucking lemonade and decided to chop some fruit i must tell you that i work every saturday morning at 10am and it isn't a bad shift but if you didn't know i'm a lazy waste of space and i don't even start functioning until midday! And every week work kills me and i went in this morning contemplating slicing my finger off or something so i didn't have to do the day! Anyway after this shity anecdote what i discovered was that as busy and hectic work was and as rough and lazy as i felt this morning work turned me around, i'm no longer in a mood i feel good and positive and i'm more than ready to go and get wasted again tonite to some liquid for jj's birthday! I guess what i've written about is how work seems like such a shit idea to me before i go to every shift and i try and get out of it every way i can but when i'm there i don't mind it in the slightest! It is a boring job i do the same shit every minute of every hour and the chefs are all absolute cunts plus i'm pretty sure only a couple know my name but i get it done moreover i like to do my job well which is something i'm glad of i'm not a lazy fuck at work in the slightest! I may hate my job but at the end of the day and more than ever i need the money which is annoying but i guess it's something a lot of people have to do at times like these!

This may well have been my most boring post yet but i don't care i wrote what the voice told me to write and that was that!

Roll on celebrating another fine occasion tonite that little bitch Jamie Jonhston is turning 19 at midnight so we are going to go about things in the right way to make sure he has just as good of a time as i did on my birthday! Sorry im shit at saying thank you for everyone who wished me a happy birthday i was stoked to see how many people acknowledged it and wrote a message on the old facebook wall safe for that one! If you read this fair play and sam i suck at that ninja game for the time being but i will improve cheers for the intro on that one.

I miss you kelly! x

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Sam Buddery said...

lol ive spent every free minute in the last 6 days on it. almost completed it and have got arthritis in two of my left fingers.

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