Friday, 27 February 2009


my bike has now put me into my overdraft! i can't afford it anymore im past the point of no return and have put too much time and money as well as effort into it to just sell it as some individuals such as simon holmes would back! i'm not happy to be honest and im going to have to explain to my parents and particularly my dad as to how/why i've spent so much money on a bike that he told me was a piece of shit in the first place! I'm gutted but on the bright side my bike should be fucking sick now but it still isn't something isn't right with it and whilst riding yesterday and subsequently going down some hills, my lack of brakes means i have to skid and for some reason my cranks were slipping through meaning i couldn't skid you can imagine to which degree i shat myself and so on!

im gutted i couldn't make it back to the ends this week, uni work has got in the way majorly as we've just started a new project and its in a total fag arty stage of thinking of ideas and shit and i'm scared of missing a lecture as i could quite easily totally miss out on what the fuck i'm supposed to be doing. Id like to say goodbye to kelly she will definatly be missed a lot i would love to go with you i'm getting jealous of all these jetsetters at the moment especially when i have to hear jj ranting about how he is going to dubai for a holiday and such at easter and all when i havn't got a holiday to look forward to until june!

anyway apparently it's my birthday on tuesday, i know yall will put be in a good mood as i'm bitter about this weekend ahead as its going to be relentless work at my soul destroying bar job followed by the not so boring task of editing about 2000 photos and making a short film with them on sunday! lovelove and that! heres a picture of my bike without a brake which i most definatly am going to purchase asap!

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