Tuesday, 20 January 2009

So my weekend went like this

Actually what day is it? cant remember when i went out it ws a couple days ago, but yer anyway after missing our deadline me and james deceided we would just hand in our coursework on monday which didnt matter for shit as pretty much everyone else did that i love 24 hour extension windows on fridays corr! 

So yer pretty much all of my mates went and smashed london but seeing as me and knowles have actually gone back to uni and are enjoying it and dont go back to london for such things hit shit the bed 7 and fuck knows what i did but it sure as well wasnt what i thought it was im assured by jj it was speed, but yknow? 

me and knowles went for a good rinse today on the steeds im seriously getting skids on lock down and all and knowles is getting quicker which isnt good for me.

i wish my blog was more interesting than sams his dicks on everyones sean needs to improve his though lol!

might hit a bit of drum n bass at native tonite seeing as i have fuck all else to do but i await the arrival of mr james callum and mr simon holmes for a big one

love you all 

did you lot check jj's facebook page yesterday ahahahaha took me ages and knowles helped too 

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