Thursday, 15 January 2009

check this shit out

just found this pepperspray that is specifically designed to be used by cyclists. you can carry it with you for when motorists cut you up or anger you in some form. i personally would just get a d lock and take out both rear lights on the vehicle when its going along then promptly scarper in the other direction down the smallest of one way alleyways with steps!

 yer but anyway i think this shit is mad imagine in summer time just pulling this little bad boy out and rinsing some white van man with a total facial after he runs you onto the pavement! this shit travels at 90mph and isnt a spray but more of a concentrated blast so there is no risk of getting some blowback or worrying about being downwind. the effects look to be instant and this shit is powerful enough to get round masks and all so it definatly fucks you up, after whitnessing jack,digby satt and budder mace themselves at a festival last year i recon this is a must have for a knob like bme who is likely to get into a confrontation at a set of traffic lights etc. 

unluckily its only available in the states i think but all the same perhaps one day ill get me some! check it out

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