Thursday, 2 February 2012

I miss this Bike

This was my dads bike, he bought it when he was about my age (21) and has held onto it ever since (62). So I guess you could say it held a certain amount of sentimental value. I grew to love the bike as I became more fond of cycling. I look back to when I was a little boy, I thought it was just an old bike and never understood why my dad always went on about some bloke called Bob Jackson. It was a lovely machine and was still a beauty to ride after all this time, obviously it took me a fair few years until I was big enough to swing my leg over but It was well worth it. We kept the bike out in Spain for cycling through the hills on those sunny family holidays, which was always a lot of fun and one of my fondest things to do in the evenings. There wasn't a single hill I couldn't conquer on this bike, well none within a couple miles. It was obviously a sad day when we were notified that someone had broken into the shed and stolen the bike and a gas cylinder. I'm unsure if the thief was aware of the bikes value, I doubt it would of sold for much in Spain anyway but to me it was priceless and I would like nothing more than the opportunity to get it back for both me and my dad. I'd even pay for it if needed but given the opportunity I would rather just twat the fucker that pinched it in the first place. Bike thieves are from a degenerate scum breed that should as Jeremy Clarkson loves to say 'be shot in front of their families.' To be honest any sort of thievery is disgusting but I am lucky enough to say that the only things that I have had stolen have been my bikes. I'd love it if we lived in a world where we could cycle to work in the morning, leave a bike outside all day long and it still be there untouched when you knock off in the evening. But we don't so we need to carry heavy, ugly locks around with us all day long! I'm dreading taking my bike to London in a few weeks time, I can secure my bike and one wheel easily enough but the same can't be said for my saddle, handlebars, pedals etc which will probably be pinched by some druggy bastard and sold at Brick Lane market a few days later! It will definitely be a far cry from the years in Bristol locking our bikes up at our lovely picturesque Arts campus well out of town and away from the bike thieves, where you could accidently leave your expensive bike gloves on the floor next to your bike all day and return hours later to find that some lovely person had picked them up and placed them on-top of your saddle. I think the only option for me is to buy yet another bike lock or just leave the thing at home and get the smelly boring tube with all the miserable rats!

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