Thursday, 24 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday

I didn't update anything nearer the time because I wanted to collect a few photographs first and also because I'm not sharp on the old blog updates anymore.

Anyway Remembrance sunday is something that I have a huge amount of respect for, for pretty much the whole month of November you will find me sporting a poppy I'd even consider getting one tattooed on some place of my body. It goes without saying that commemorating the brave men and women that have lost their lives in all conflicts around the world since World War I is something that we should all do, however it shouldn't be expected of everyone to wear a poppy. It is a choice, and all those who have died ensured that it is our choice and we should too respect that. Wearing a poppy shouldn't show how patriotic a person is, some people may be even more ardent than myself yet choose to not wear a poppy altogether, we mustn't judge a person purely on the fact that they wear a poppy or not.

Personally I feel that Remembrance sunday is a time to remember all those that have died in world conflicts including the innocent men, women and children killed as bystanders in hostile situations that they have no control over. The poppy is a symbol for all and not just those killed in the world wars, I extended my lifelong gratitude to all those who gave their lives for people like me, so that I can live a relatively peaceful existence, moreover I remember those that are not as fortunate as myself who get caught up in these conflicts. I am extremely proud of our armed forces and daily take time to think of the work that they do for us. If I could I'd give more to The Royal British Legion but I make do by putting in extra money from the till at work if it's over the float and emptying my wallet and room of all the loose change I have kicking about. There are many great causes on this earth it's just a shame that all of them can't be helped together.

Below are a number of pictures that help to illustrate what it all means for me.

All pictures acquired via The Boston Globe (big picture) taken by a number of talented photographers that work for the Associated Press, Getty and many others. The others are taken by a favorite photographer of mine a chap called Michael Yon who has a brilliant archive of stunning photographs as well as some brilliant articles and pieces about the war in Afghanistan on his website.

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