Friday, 27 May 2011

Wimbledon 3D with CAN Communicate and SONY

The 125th Wimbledon is fast approaching and it is the first tournament where some of the finals will be filmed and screened in 3D! It is a very exciting prospect and one i am particularly interested in, this article helps to explain why this is the first time it will be done and what technological advancements have made it possible. I can definitely see some issues with filming the tournament in 3D in particular the space needed for the 5 camera set ups and the sheer size of the Sony 3D rigs meaning it will be tight in those camera trenches / positions at times. Here are some articles, pictures and videos that give you a little behind the scenes look at how everything is being set up / tested for the start of the tournament. WATCH THIS SPACe i think the end product will be amazing and i for one can't wait.

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smartey01 said...

interesting to see bbc stepping it up into the world of 3d! i wonder what format they will put it out on though, because they will surely need an additional channel unless they sub one of their red button services? also interesting to see who gets the 3d OB contract..

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