Friday, 27 May 2011

My Showreel

This showreel comprises of a number of projects i have worked on this year. Two are music videos commissioned by Hubris records and the other two are two short films made during my final year of studies. There are also other projects that i have worked on that aren't included in the showreel as they are not yet finished or available to watch online. I will make an updated mini showreel when i acquire this footage. One film that i particularly enjoyed working on was a film called 'Lying Fallow' which was a dark thriller set on a farm just outside of Bristol, i particularly liked the freedom i had whilst on set and during pre-production which allowed me to plan lighting for specific scenes such as a murder scene that took place in an abandoned milking shed.

Below are some screen-grabs from some key scenes in "Lying Fallow' they give you a sneak pic at how i was trying to tell the narrative through the use of light or lack of it.

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