Monday, 2 May 2011


Working on my tan, avoiding work, reading lots of books, drinking lots of wine, driving on the wrong side of the road and missing a decent internet connection! A lot has happened since i have been out here - royal weddings, Bin Laden's death etc its always the case, last time i was out here Michael Jackson passed away, maybe i should move out here. I look forward to seeing the hollywood blockbuster about the military operation surrounding Bin Laden's death via US Navy Seal Team 6 flying under the radar from Afganistan in Blackhawk helicopters its going to be classically American i am sure. I bet it will be called Mayday or something drill. Two bullets to the head just like counterstrike! (shout out to my good friend Hacking i received your text but my phone is playing up!)

Anyway that is all i have to say at the moment, pictures of my holiday will follow but some of my holiday listening so far has consisted of this!

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