Friday, 15 April 2011

BJJ Globetrotter

Is about a 28 year old Danish Bjj practitioner/teacher/enthusiast named Christian who is traveling around the world at current teaching, rolling and trying to gain as much from the experience as possible! His blog is pretty interesting and well worth a check out especially to me because he is combining travel with BJJ which looks like an ideal combination.

I had planned on going to thailand this summer to do some training but then i broke my leg so that went out of the window, so me and my girlfriend booked a trip to Florida! I have been many times as a kid and desperately want to go to Seaworld again, but i also plan on dropping in on American Top Team in Vero Beach for some rolling but that won't be anything like what Christian is doing! I have previously thought about training elsewhere in the world, particularly Brazil but haven't really set my heart on it too much but after reading Christians blog i have convinced myself that it would be an amazing experience and could only benefit me in future. As Christian says 'this is one of those projects, where I try to get the best out of my time in this life. I don’t believe in an afterlife, so I am pretty busy.' I hope to complete something similar in my life within the next 10 years whilst i am young and have the opportunity to do it. If you are interested in visiting Rio, and training with people from all over the world then its worth checking out - Connection Rio and Gordo BJJ

One thing that is obvious from Christians blog is how beautiful the Philippines is! I would love to spar on a beach!

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