Tuesday, 15 March 2011

2012 olympic ticket hype!

Everyone is getting excited now! Even me with my stupid broken femur that i managed to do on my 21st birthday! I am a bit critical of the ticketing process, seeing as i won't know what ticket i will get until end of June yet the money will be debited from my account in mid may i find that a little cheeky plus i will probably blow all my cash before then and be left in a real pickle! But i don't care its the olympics and i'm stoked unlike some of the haters that can be seen on the regional news programs, get a life you grumpy old fucks.

I could only afford a couple events at this stage but hopefully i will get to see a few more, i went for the opening ceremony, the bmx finals and freestyle wrestling finals, should be epic its looming ever closer now and hopefully all of the ticket requests for me and my girlfriend will be successful!

If you havn't already applied or even registered fear not, the application process will be ongoing for a duration of 6 weeks and there is no benefit registering sooner rather than later.

If you want to know more then i suggest you check out this from the BBC!

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