Thursday, 20 May 2010

what the fuck is this

These things are the London 2010 Olympic mascots, and they are a disgrace. The thought that some company / designer was paid a significant amount of money to create these pieces of literal shit makes me feel physically sick. The logo looks like it was a skidmark on a piece of toilet paper and whoever designed it should be ashamed. These games should hopefully be a success if all the prep work runs to schedule and they should generate a great deal of money for London and the UK however in my eyes the logo and now these dodgey mascots have scared the image of London 2012.

It clearly comes down to money once again with some fat wanker at a board room table calling the shots, not only do the logo and mascots totally misrepresent London but they miss-represent the people that live there. There is a commercial side to sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup these days which was obvious at the winter olympics this year where vast numbers of Canadian mittens were sold and they were a huge success. They had a simple design, with a red and white coulourway and a simple maple leaf logo which is a national symbol for Canada, likewise large amounts of toys and merch was sold in Beijing however anyone that even contemplates buying a figurine of one of these mascots should be executed point blank with a single bullet without mercy.

Incase you gave a shit there called Wenlock and Mandeville, and there supposed to be two drops of steel that would of been used to build the olympic stadium. The eye is a camera, and the light above it is taken from Londons black cabs, they play all sports and wear 'friendship bands' because everyone wore them 6 years ago or whatever. Wenlock is where a precursor to the games was held decades ago and Mandeville is the name of a hospital in England where the first paralympic games was held. Its safe to say that there names is the best thing about them as they are the only bits that actually mean something.

Have a listen to Roy Larbourugh on the BBC having a little rinse as well.

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uliveandyouburn said...

Heard about these on NPR over here in the states. Lots of people suggested the english bulldog as a much better mascot and it got shot down.

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