Thursday, 18 March 2010

fixed tricks

At first i thought what the hey its new and that but now i have come to the conclusion that tricks on fixed gear bikes is lame as fuck. They should be banned from skateparks until they can go big at the moment the whole thing just looks stupid to me. I don't know what it is about fat people on fixed bikes either obviously you can't ride a bmx but why do you think you can make you big boy bike into a bmx. I appreciate that there are some tricks that are unique to fixed bikes and i am a fan of them i think certain riders are killing it right now, for example the 14 bike co lot, ted and omar etc are doing some cool shit as are wonka and torey on Gorilla but on the whole tricks on fixed bikes doesn't really do it for me right now. I have nothing against this guy but i think he looks like a fool riding his bike around and needs to ride a hell of a lot more for a start.

I much prefer to watch tricks on bikes like these, this is my opinion at this moment in time and it might change but for the time being nahhh for me!

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