Sunday, 15 November 2009

Modern Warfare 2

Got it the other day out of sheer luck by a good friend who works in a clothes shop in town. He thought it was mine and i had left it on his desk/bench area when i popped in to have a chat so he ran out of the shop and gave it to me. Knowing my friend i thought he had swiped it from lost property or something and was using me coming into the shop as an excuse to get it. Anyway I'm not bothered i got the game, he didn't get in trouble and someone spent £44.99 on it for me. However seeing as i don't have a PS3 i've decided unlike Knowles to leave it in the living room as a 'house game' as i don't have a PS3 in my room and don't care for rank or completion rate. I will be godlike one day though.

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