Friday, 20 March 2009

oh yer and i crashed my bike

was riding with alex and higley, knowles was ahead i was sort of lingering and waiting for sam, two buses in front i thought sam was going down the outside he wasn't, he was going pretty fast we smashed into each other in between the two buses i broke a couple spokes on my front wheel sam got flipped over his bars! was pretty mad, could have been a lot worse for sure a lot of people witnessed and i think it looked a lot worse than it was, we had a little chuckle at our silliness and lack of brakes but still came to the conclusion that brakes wouldn't of helped much more! bit of a nause though had to take my bike to the workshop and have to pay a small fee for a couple new spokes! however im glad it wasn't as bad as the bus accident earlier in the week i was told about at work! One of the chefs was on a bus that ran into a man and a woman killing both of them, apparently they just walked out infront of it! Sounds pretty dark to me and i doubt it was as funny as this !!

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