Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bike shops

They really can take the piss, as chris knows! I ordered a wheel an age ago and due to them having a lack of spokes, then waiting for brick lane and even not having the hub i wanted has taken them a ridiculously long time to get my wheel to me! My bike is in no rideable condition, partly because i don't want to ride it until i get both my wheels and party because it is fucked still as i need a new chain etc!

Anyway i have been told i will get my wheel wednesday so i should be riding by then at the earliest stoked but not stoked as it has taken a fucking mission to do and i know i'm paying more than i should be!

Anyway i have covered my frame in stickers this week to jazz it up a little bit now all i need is my wheel! Furthermore i've deceided that as soon as i have my bike i'm learning those long wheelies that you used to wish to do as a child, like these guys here!

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