Wednesday, 7 January 2009

tas been a while but the prodical son has returned oh yes

i definatly should have a lot to say after all these weeks but to be perfectly honest i havnt. i will have a short ramble and hopefully something interesting will result for someone if anyone to read! 

so christmas was aigh this year i needed to work lots at jessops which i did in order to pay off that overdraft prick, so upon paying it off i then deceided to hop right back in bed with it after buying myself two new camera lenses which i didn't particularly need i just wanted talk about foolish eh! 

on another note im missing my bike loads, sounds fucking sad i know but yer thats me, i do regret not bringing her home with me and hitting the roads but her time will come and im going to buy some nice shiny new parts for her to give her a fresh new look for the 09! 

so yer ive added to my denzel wash collection over christmas and im loving him him he is indeed a man on fire! fuck me thats gay what i just wrote mega lolz

i was thankful to bring in 2009 with my closest mates and a few of the girls, i had a dream of a night just like last year and was wicked to see so many loving faces upon the countdown for sure

now the subject of work, has one that has been totally forgotten to me, i mean im a lazy cunt anyway but over this holiday ive done absolutly fuck all and talking to cunts like alex knowles makes me feel proper bad as he claims to have spent all day today on our coursework! im going to hit the books next week not literally but yer, im going to put the time in on what work i have to do including this visual culture essay which i have pretty much forgotten about and neglected to consider even attempting. 

theres been a few faces that i havnt seen as much as i would have liked over the holidays which i am sorry about but i am a useless one at the best of times, if any of you reading this think this is the case dont hesitate to let me know and i will do all i can to catch up before going back to bristol. 

so to conclude, i apologise for this poorly written post and id appreciate that al my mis-spellings (including that one) are overlooked i can't be arsed to check what i have written as it has been a ramble of my current thoughts! to comment quickly on whats going on in this sometimes fine world we live in like a true blogger should i am still yet to worry over money and all, not sure why i probably should be but im pretty nonchalant with these kinds of things but im planning on moving jobs when i get back to uni so i will let you know how that one goes most definatly. in addition just before i go im going to be incredibly rude and possibly may even offend some but i think that those coward, yid cunts in israel should get the fuck out of the gaza strip and hop back on top of americas twisted, corrupt bell end. of course i can't really comment on this as i don't know all the details and factors but it is my opinion and im sticking to my guns on this one, im not  intellectual by anyones account but it does anger me when i watch all the news updates on the current crisis. 

if you read all this then you deserve a medal, it isnt particularly interesting but im trying to make up for literally abandoning my blog and my computer over these past few weeks, yes i brought my mac home with me but i have spent about as much time on it over the holidays as i do in one day at uni which upsets me ever so much. love you all x

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