Wednesday, 7 January 2009

so whats the crack son?

ive been looking into tilt shift photography loads this evening, after reading a post on defgrip that caught my attention, if you don't read defgrip it is definatly worth the odd look every week or so like most blogs / interactive sites as they often have an eclectic mix of posts on oceans of topics and not just bmx happenings.

basically tilt shift photos are from what i understand and after doing the most minute amount of research are taken on small/ medium format cameras and often make the landscape/ subjects to appear like toys, its a very cool effect and definatly requires a lot of effort. basically the lense on the camera tilts thus achieving a very shallow depth of field. id definatly give it a go and mess it up if i could but one i can't really be fucked and 2 dont really have the time nor patience to try. from what i understand it is used a lot in architecture but when done right it looks mad and proper contemporary which is always good. definatly take a look at this photographer based down under called keith loutit, his vimeo page has a series of shorts which are worth a watch for sure!

in addition alexisonfire are still fucking sick

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