Saturday, 24 January 2009

mash and pedal

saw them last night with nause and higley at the cube sick films definatly recommend checking them out if you like bikes, mash is a bit old now but is still pretty cool, pedal was enlightening for sure all them new york bike messengers seem to be proper crackers and of course totally insane! Can't believe they get a $100 fine and a court summons for running red lights thats insane glad we don't have that here yet for sure. 

was also at tesco's yesterday and the funniest shit went down, this nutt was stealing no less than a multipack of lucozade and some muller corners when he was stopped by the security guard and went crazy. he started amping himself up to fight everyone in the store and came out with lines like 'its my job to steal from shops to test there security' etc! haha it as you can imagine made for a very funny beer run and the whole shop was in hysterics. me and knowles were standing by the door and another nutter punched some lurking kid in the face for saying something out of line was quite weird for sure. the guy even starting preaching about how he hailed from 'BS6' which as we all know is truely in the 'ends' hahaha.

hope everyone is well, stoked on seeing billy, digs, kelly, owen and barnett for the first time in a lifetime tonite! X

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