Tuesday, 25 November 2008

justice rinse!

Me and james were told about this picture today at uni that has surfaced online recently of justice and the set they played at the warehouse project in manchester being a fake! The picture shows Gaspard apparently rocking out with his cock out fucked off his nut on a midi controller which is neither on or plugged in haha, mega! Some blogs i've looked out have been rinsing this photo but i recon a lot of there set has some form of pre-recording or whatever as they are so good, there excuse for this is as below and i recon it may to a certain extent be true considering the remnants of alcohol in the picture and the fact that they look like there having a good ol meal as well leads me to not give a fuck if it was plugged in or not there still dreamers in my eyes. After all its near impossible to play a totally live electro set anyone with any idea knows this, daft-punk's set's were pre-programmed down to the smallest detail so whats the deal? Justice like chemical brothers or daft before them offer a package deal, with a great light display and put the effort in - they smash it and that's what it's about for me.

"Yeah, shit happens! I remember the story, I couldn't remember the city but i think it was in Manchester. I didn't noticed at first, because as you can see I was looking at the computer to launch the next vocal hook and right after I realised that the blue screen went black, so there was no way possible it could work. So I plugged it back in, big deal!  And the next thing you know is this picture."


Anonymous said...

This is sick, and i like the prelude.


michael said...

thank you kindly good sir!

Sam Buddery said...


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